• With our “Portfolio Enterprise” offering, QBS can integrate entire portfolios across the world into a single pane user interface. Whether it be a university campus, office complex, or international commercial real estate portfolio, we provide our customers with the ability to monitor, maintain, and adjust their entire portfolio with the click of a button. Our state-of-the-art customizable user interface allows customers to capitalize on technology in ways never seen before in the Building Automation Systems (BAS) Industry.


    • QBS offers customizable service plans that are tailored to fit the site as well as the customer needs.
    • QBS provides a Comprehensive Diagnostic Report (CDR) with every visit.
    • We provide the customer with a thorough review of the CDR after every visit.
    • QBS will address any issues during the service if possible. We will also perform any customizations the customer requests during this time, within the allotted time of the visit.
    • Customers who choose to employ our service agreement qualify for a discounted service rate.
    • When a service agreement is coupled with our RACE program, customers qualify for the further discounted rate and no trip charge.


    • Our Remote Access Controlled Environment (RACE) program offers the flexibility of cellular data and the reliability of hard-wired internet. By utilizing cellular data hot spots, we isolate the BAS from the customer’s intranet, providing a level of security that would not exist if the control system were to reside on the customer’s internal network. By completely isolating the control system, we can now mitigate the possibility of ransomware or spyware deployed on the internal network where vital and sensitive information resides. QBS employs the latest technology in cellular networking to provide our customers with peace of mind and confidence that their control system will be accessible when they need it most. Participation in our RACE program, coupled with a service agreement, qualifies our customers for a substantially discounted service rate. Our RACE program also includes free remote assistance and diagnostics. Maintenance personnel can call QBS at any time when issues arise.


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