Our state-of-the-art Tridium Niagara system provides QBS and our customers with the ability to integrate legacy protocols such as Lon, Johnson N2, Trane Comm3 and Comm4, and many more. Many customers find themselves “stuck” with an antiquated obsolete system that doesn’t fit their current needs and/or wants. With our Tridium offering we have the ability to provide our customers with a cost-efficient solution to move away from legacy protocols over an extended period of time.

  1. The Objective 
  • Establish an ASHRAE standard BACnet control system to streamline HVAC control, troubleshooting, and management. 
  • Improve response time to HVAC issues across the customer’s portfolio. 
  • Provide real-time insight and measurables for Maintenance Personnel. 
  • Establish and employ a proactive approach to maintenance. 
  • Implement and maintain energy saving measures. 
  1. The Opportunity 
  • Establish standards across customer’s entire Portfolio. 
  • Increase efficiency within the Maintenance Team’s workflow. 
  • Decrease travel time for Maintenance Team when trouble calls are placed. 
  • Monitor the health of the mechanical systems in real time. 
  • Set in place a system that can be scaled to incorporate future expansion. 
  1. The Solution 
  • Cloud Based Server through Azure (Multisite Virtual Server) 
  • Q-CELL TECHNOLOGY – Cellular Remote Access. 
  • Scheduled system analysis reports. 

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