Energy Savings

Energy Savings

Demand growth and supply issues have been keeping energy prices rising higher than ever, and facility managers must find creative ways to keep cost low. Fortunately, there’s a wide variety of tools at their disposal with the advent of building automation systems and energy management systems. HVAC, lighting, access control, operations and more can all be managed more efficiently, reducing energy costs and leaving more room in the budget for other upgrades.

According to the Department of Energy, buildings are the single largest source of energy consumption in the U.S., representing approximately 75% of the nation’s electricity use and 40% of its total energy demand. This adds up to nearly $400 billion spent on energy each year! With the implementation of proper energy saving strategies, a building controls specialist can reduce this amount drastically. Secondary and retail spaces can often save over 40% on their energy cost.

But how can a BAS save energy? The key areas are HVAC, lighting, and access control. HVAC and lighting typically account for more than half of the energy use in a building. Oftentimes, unoccupied rooms are lighted and being kept comfortable, causing an energy cost that simply isn’t needed. A BAS can change these parameters based on time, occupancy, or even outside air conditions and let you manage it all from one central location. An HVAC controls specialist can make sure your building ventilation system is using all its energy saving features effectively. This combined with regular building controls maintenance can reduce energy costs by 29% on average. 

An EMS is easier to use and cheaper to implement than ever. Whether for new construction or a retrofit of an existing building, building controls installation often can pay for itself within 5 years. Building controls graphics make these systems easy to understand and intuitive to use. In a fast changing world, facility managers can rely on these tools to help them achieve energy savings goals. 

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